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We've Got A Runner (11/11/16)

Time for another anecdotal true story from the life of Aki.

When my brother and I were kids we went to the mall with my Aunt and Uncle. He wanted to race down to the Disney store (to this day he claims he said the other toy store, but he's wrong). I was beating him by a landslide and I turn around and he had stopped running. Obviously I assumed he had gotten winded because of my superior 5 year old running skills, so I finished the race to the Disney store. Apparently in our rush to win we forgot to let our Aunt and Uncle know where the actual finish line was, so once I got inside the store my family was no where to be found. Long story short, security closed all the exits and they found me at the Gymboree next to the Disney store holding the hand of one of the workers.

The real take away here is that I won that race fair and square.

Side note: Once my younger brother became of running age, my mom had him on one of those toddler leashes. I don't want to say that it was because of me but... sorry 'bout it, Jordy.


Taking the Scott Family pictures brought me back to that story because those Scott kids are runners. From the minute we got to Rollie's Tree Farm until the second I put my camera away there was at least one kid running somewhere.

That's what I love about taking pictures though, being able to capture exactly who the people are, especially with kids. You can't force them to be someone they aren't, and so my favorite part of being behind the camera is to accept the running and the movement and the blur.

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